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Layouts from the 2007 exhibition

Bradford MRC layouts were Oxenhope, Dolly Hill and Thomas.

Tickhill & Wadsworth (EM) was voted best layout and won the Pennock Trophy

City Road (00 DCC) Neale Burrows

British outline, Circa 1970- The layout is a fictional representation of what might have been the Great Northern Railways Main terminal in Bradford if it had not shared the Exchange Station.

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Carters Dock (4mm/00 industrial mid 60's) Graham R Hand

Carter's Dock is set in the north-east of England in the mid-1960s and is essentially a minimum-space shunting layout

Dutch River Dock (7mm/O Gauge finescale) Ralph Nuttall

This model is loosely based on the dock railway, that still operates today albeit it in a curtailed form at the Port of Goole in East Yorkshire

Hoyd (3.5mm:ft HO American)

The layout depicts a fictional American switching yard set during the transition from steam to diesel era

Melton on the Hill (00-9)

Freelance 009 narrow gauge, with kit built locos scratch built & RTR models and rolling stock

Osgiliath (4mm/00 DCC)

The layout is based in the years 1969 - 1972 All the locos and units will hopefully be fitted with sound by Southwest digital

Oswaldtwistle Town (O gauge)

Oswaldtwistle Town is a model of a typical Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway branchline built in the late nineteen century

Penny Lane (4mm/00 Gauge)

A layout built and operated entirely by a group of students from Immanuel College in Bradford using their own rolling stock

Royston - St Davids (0-16.5) (Rainhill MRC)

The railway connects the town of Royston with the market and GWR rail interchange at St Davids.

Stockbridge Wharf (EM) (Toni Armatage)

A layout built and operated entirely by a group of students from Immanuel College in Bradford using their own rolling stock

Tickhill & Wadsworth (EM) By Tony Gee & Ken Hill (Cup winner)

A layout based on the South Yorkshire area in the year 1913, when traffic from the local collieries was on an upturn due to impending war.

Upper Benllech (4mm/00 57 model railway group

Upper Benllech is a fictional station set on the Isle of Anglesey

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