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Exihbitors from the 2011 exhibition

Bradford MRC layouts were Grassington Aldington on Sea and Tomas

Layouts 2011

1. Aldington on Sea (N) BMRC Our newly refurbished N gauge sea cliffs layout.

A simple double track oval of a see wall location with signal box, single passing loop and rear mounted fiddling yard located behind the cliffs A fairly timeless layout featuring Heathcote automatic colour light signals, Peco Point motors and conventional cab control. The rolling stock is from members collections and virtually any 40's onwards time period is possible.

2. Aston (O) Martin Jeffery Middlesbrough MRC

An O gauge end to end set in the 1930's. featured in Sept 2009 issue of BRM.
Aston portrays a minor country branch line station on the GWR. It is located some ware around the Oxford and Bristol areas with hand built structures typical of the area in the 1930's  period.
The layout comprises a central scenic section featuring the station and goods yard. At each end turntavle style fiddle yards are used to avoid handling of stock. Locos Rolling stock and signalling are from a variety of sources some being built from kits and others from scratch. Traffic on the line istypical of the era before road motor transport became common with both loco hauled and autocoach passenger trains, trough freights and pick up goods along with the occasional mixed train conveying both passenger and freight.

3. Chesfield Tramway O- Bob Wardle Stockport

Built jointly by Bob Wardle, Mark Brailsford and Ian Sanders, 2005-2010. Standard gauge British first-generation electric tramcars of 1895 to 1962. Streets and buildings represent a busy town centre in the 1950's. A complex central junction is linked to lines looping round the central streets to enable the junction to be used in all directions. Power feed is via the overhead with the majority of the cars having trolley-poles. Return is via the running rails which are divided into some twenty sections where tramcars may be held stationary. Two operators are required with a third usually stationed at the front for public liaison. Facing points are operated by motors which also switch the overhead points. The layout is fully scenic with hand built model shops, churches, banks, hotels and civic buildings. Some 120 scale figures all individually painted and placed to show activity typical of 60 years ago. The tramcars are all hand built to scale drawings and faithfully reproduced in minute detail the characteristic features of the originals even down to the adverts displayed. Normal operation allows for frequent changes of trams which refreshes the layouts appearance and renders a return visit once in a while. Cars are taken into and out of service via the depot which has a traverser to speed up the process. A complementary fleet of scale model motorbuses is also on view. .


Above - Ex Bradford Double Decker converted to a tank wagon.


4. Daleside Parkway N 10by2 Fred Holt Brian Chawner Leigh  N gauge modem image layout with automated 4 aspect signals.
An all action 2 level mainline British modem image layout in N gauge set in an imaginary location somewhere in England in the early 80's to the present day era so the layout can be operated either in BR blue or a general mix of modern image with the lower level electrified with 25KV catenary.
All Track and pointwork is Peco with stock from all the major manufacturers.
Control equipment is from Gaugemaster, ECM, Veissman, Busch, Peco with signals from CR signals automated by Heathcote units.
The layout has been built from property commercial items although much modifications have been carried out. By using off the shelf items it is intended to show the public what can be achieved in N gauge.
Rail Traffic on the mainline consists of inter-city expresses, dmu's and a wide range of freight traffic.
The upper level is a four track main line running through the principle Parkway station with a locla shuttle service operating to and from the bay platform.
The lower level is a two track electrified mainline.
Main cameo scenes on the layout is a large HGV distribution depot and Jimmy's farm with many smaller ones.
The layout featured in the February edition of British Railway modelling.

5 Grassington OO (BMRC) 24 by 3 Our version of Grassington as it could have been with a display of memorabilia from Peter huff . See Grassington details.html

6. January 68 OO 14ft by 7ft (Graham Harrison/ Lee Baines Fleetwood)

 For pictures see www.flickr.com/photos/81001006/sets/72157624846199501/

Click plan to enlarge

JANUARY ’68 is somewhat unusual as a layout as it depicts a “point in time” rather than a particular geographical location, namely the first month of the last year of BR steam operation. This period was synonymous with the modernization which brought decline and depravation to not only the railways but also to the industrial landscape which had served Britain for almost 150 years.
Originally constructed by North East modeller Alan Lister, the award winning layout was exhibited throughout the country and also featured in the June 1997 edition of Modelling Railways Illustrated. Following a chance conversation with the owner, who revealed that the layout was going to be retired and dismantled, it was rescued by members of the Blackpool & North Fylde MRC, and given a new lease of life. The layout has now been returned to the exhibition circuit with a new fiddle yard and is slowly being detailed with additional features such as lighting and additional electronics.
It shows a fictitious location somewhere in the industrial heartland of North West England, one of the last bastions of BR steam, where dwindling numbers of rusting and work stained steam engines continue to serve the local industries alongside the newer diesels which, in just a few short months, will ultimately oust them from the rails forever.
DDepravation and decay are evident with rusting loco’s awaiting their final journey to the scrap yard, as the full weight of the 1963 Beeching Report begins to bite with lines closing and derelict stations and railway infrastructure being slowly dismantled and removed.
Although fictitious in location there are a few references to actual locations and some of the buildings are based on, or inspired by, structures which can still be found to this day. The double track mainline on the low level is being remodelled, work which should have been completed over the Christmas and New Year period, however snow has delayed the work and a continuing permanent-way possession means that only one of the running lines is available, hence the bidirectional running and presence of a number of “flag men” to control the flow of trains.

7. Levisham N 10ft by 2ft Richard Pratt Harrogate MRC

Welcome to our representation to Levisham Station on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. The track plan is based on the current layout of the station and allows us to run a variety of locos and rolling stock that are in preservation. This includes anything from the regular passenger services through to the demonstration freight train and even the odd mainline locomotive.

8. Realstone OO DCC  (Nathan Bridges Halifax) 15ft by 5ft
The construction of Realstone was inspired by the operations at Rylstone quarry, near Grassington. The layout depicts the modern day scene with the loading of stone into railway wagons for distribution throughout the rail network. As well as visiting mainline diesels you’ll also see an industrial shunter which has been made up from a Judith Edge kit. The buildings have been constructed from Walthers kits and the track work is Peco code 75. Kadee couplers have been fitted to the stock to make coupling and uncoupling easier. Realstone is operated from the front using hand held DCC units which control both the locomotives and the points. Some of the locomotives are sound equipped. The layout has its own lighting, which is contained behind the facia board.

9. Sabden Glen OO (Dave Burrows Skipton) 9 by 4
Based loosely on a Scottish village with humorous differences. These a a Treacle mine, a haggis farm and black pudding tree. There is also a narrow gauge line taking punters to the treacle mine. Stock is mostly LMS and LNER with some BR running on code 100 track.

10. Tomas OO (BMRC) Hands on Children's layout


11. Trudoxhill junction OO/ OO9 14X6 (Daryl Foxwell)

Set some ware in rural England in the 1950's this model recreates the look and feel of the Cournal Stephens railways hanging on by using 2nd hand locos and stock run on a shoestring and always one day away from closure.
Set away from Trudoxhill you will find the stanf=dard gauge sidings operated by a small collection of engines type depending on the cheapest money colud buy. At one end of the scene you see narrow gauge lines little used now and at the other end a scout camp. 


12. Werneth Cross Trams N (G and A Southern) Traditional British trams.

Werneth Cross is a small mill town situated in the southern outskirts of Manchester and is modelled when the local tram system served the area. Tramcars from serveral of the local operating companies in there various liveries pass through the town.

Stock consists of modified "Typhoo tea" trams mounted on GF dmu bogies as well as modified Bachman streetcars with scratch built bodies on Farish and Bachman bogies.

13. White Hill Cement works O-16.5 (Mark Hesketh)

White Hill is is based on one of the small cement works that once flourished in the Adur Valley in West Sussex, but have sadly, long since closed.

It represents a typical cement works that was part of a much larger system with all of the various works inter-connected by means of a narrow gauge railway system. The scene is set in the late 1960's when operations were being run down and there was a general air of dereliction about the place, this should be fairly evident in some of the accompanying photographs.

The layout has been modelled in "O" narrow gauge (7mm = 1 foot) and is somewhat unusual in the fact that it is has two entirely separate narrow gauge railway systems, the 2'4" gauge (0-16.5mm) line or as it is more affectionately referred to as,the standard gauge and the 2' gauge (014mm) line. The 2'4" line links White Hill Cement Works to the one at Upper Beeding, further down the line and nearer the coast where there is also a transfer connection onto the rest of the main railway network. Although the odd hopper train can sometimes be seen trundling back and forth, this line is primarily responsible for delivering various assorted raw materials and supplies to the works, plus not forgetting of course, the small compliment of employees to their place of work.

The 2' line heads North to Golding Barn and then onto Small Dole and is used primarily for bringing in supplies of essential raw materials such as chalk and limestone from the quarries nearby. Trains of rugga skips can be seen trundling back and forth with astonishing regularity with the occasional works and supply trains adding a little variety to the traffic.

The service operated is far more intensive than the average full sized railway, which is perhaps why the workers appear so disgruntled.

The 2' line also has the added interest of full loco repair and re-fueling facilities, at the centre of which is a small but fully functional miniature turntable. The little diesels can often be seen entering the loco facilities for Jim the mechanic to try and stem yet another oil leak on these ageing workhorses.

14. Whitham Town OO 10 by 2 (John Whitaker)


Whitham town is an imaginary Town in the north of England. The OO track is SMP and has electrically operated points. The Layout contains, a station, exchange siding to a coal mine and a small engine shed. Stock is both steam and diesel all being fitted with DG couplings. Some stock is kit built.

15. WickEnd OO DCC(Dave Warner) www.lydcc.org.uk

A small DCC layout set in the 1980's based on North British Railway practice

Motive power is Classes 08, 20,24,25,26,37 and traffic consists of a Branch passenger service possibly as a daily mixed train. Freight wagon for:- Coal, General Mercandise, Fuel Oil, Timber and other Merchandise. Post and Newspaper.

16. O Ullapool (Ian Futers) dual narrow gauge layout.

This 7mm layout depicts what a Highland Railway branch line between Garve, on the Kyle line, and Ullapool, by the shores of Loch Broom, may have look like, had the line been built in the 1890s. It is assumed the line has remained open and the period modelled is the 1970s – 80s. The structures modelled are all based on prototypes, whilst the operation of the line utilises, in the main, BRCW Type 2 motive power. Timber and fish traffic somehow still survive, whilst a mediocre passenger service links Ullapool with Dingwall and Inverness

Traders 2011

B and C Transport (Colin Hobson 0114 2683510 07778 614394) will be displaying a good selection of items covering all forms of transport. Buses, cars, etc. Various items of railway goods.
462 Upper Wortley Rd ROTHERHAM; S61 2SS

D and M video(2.2 ) www.dm-dvds.com Modern image DVDs 30 Bradley View; Holywell Green; HALIFAX West Yorkshire, HX4 9DN. A production and authoring company specialising in Trains, Transport and Travel

Darlington Railway Modellers DRM  (5.5 ) Mike Fishwick http://darlingtonrailwaymodelling.co.uk
New ready to run Bachman Hornby Heljan etc; Peco track; Parkside Kits; Magazines, accessories.
Darlington Railway Modelling, Whessoe Road; Darlington; DL3 0QP.   01325 481811

Derby Trees (2.2) (Jackie Mogford 01332 239570) will be demonstrating as well as selling trees on her stand. Trees made to order some available on the stand and a wide range of scenic items, scatters, foilage, walling, mats, flowers, figures and many more. Come and browse or just watch Jacky demonstaring how to make trees. Learner tree making sets available.

Elmet Images (2.2) www.elmetimages.co.uk C/O Bolton Abbey Station, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 6AF Railway based Greeting Cards, Photos etc  

Flangeway (5.5) www.flangeway.com/10b Comberton Hill, Kidderminster; DY10 1QG: 01562 750076 A business run by modellers for modellers


Grosmont Books (2.2) www.grosmontbookshop.co.uk/ will be selling new Books and US outline models of various scales, but primarily HO, On30 and G scales.

Keiths Model Railways (5.5) 0116 2778634 A Good selection of second hand and some new items. Items bough or part exchanged ; Most gauges.

Kits Unlimited (John Taylor 01422 839538) will be demonstrating O gauge Kit construction as well as selling a range of larger scale Kits as well as promoting his specialist milling facility's.

Model Depot (4.4) www.modeldepot.co.uk/

We have a vast range of kits, scenic's, accessories, tools and electric components for your model railway layout

M A and D pictures (2.2) email burrowsdave@live.co.uk

Railway related pictures and Photos

MTFG Hobbies Tel 01748 884757 (3.3)  Reath N Yorkshire

A Traditional  Model and Hobby Outlet selling Model railways spares accessories; plastic kits die-casts and assorted hobby goods;  Mail order available.

Model roads and tramways 3.3) http://www.modelroadsandtramways.co.ukRon Boxhall, 134 Chatsworth Ave. Fleetwood; FY7 8EJ Caters for all modellers interested in Blackpool working lights to electronic control systems as installed at London Transport Museum. From railways to the Faller Car System, see a working Faller System with buses and lorries stopping and starting at working traffic lights. We carry a range of Faller bus spares. We will be on hand to discuss any query or question you may have.

N Collectables (3.3) Fred Mitton 480 Bolton Rd; Darwin BB3 2JR 01254 777352

Nick Tozer Books www.railwaybook.com (2.2) Church Street, Paddock, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 4UJ Tel: 01484 518159 - Huge selection of second had books

Penketh Model Rail Centre(5.5) www.penkethmodelrailways.com
In Addition to stocking a wide selection of new products from all the major manufacturers we also buy and sell second hand stock and offer a number of other special services including weathering nd DCC decoder fitting etc.

Photoscape Photography (3.3) Quality Steam and Diesel Photographs

Railbus (5.5)Gavin Bairstow; 3 School Cres; Bradshaw Halifax; HX2 9QR Transport books, videos, models and model railway items at bargain prices.

SMTF Model Shop (5.5) C/O Brookside Garden Centre, London Road North, Poynton, Cheshire SK12 1BY ;01625 850427
Models and accessories from N to G-gauge. Stockist of LGB, Accucraft, Spectrum, Pola, Hornby, Bachmann, EFE, Corgi buses.

Todmordon Model supplies
(3.3) Todmorden; 01706 812871 mobile 07720 317766
http://www.todmordenmodelsupplies.co.uk email   sales@todmordenmodelsupplies.co.uk

Following the retirement of Peter Endley we are pleased to announce that Todmorden Model Supplies is to continue under new ownership. We would like to extend a warm welcome to all customers both old & new.
There are many new exhibitions that we will be attending. However, not forgetting our loyal customers we will still be attending many of the usual exhibitions that Peter attended. For more detials on the exhibitions that we will be attending please visit the exhibits page by clicking here
Here at Todmorden Model Supplies we aim to supply you with everything that you need to get your models running. We supply everything from the smallest nut to the largest bolts as well as everything in between, here at Todmorden Model Supplies we can also supply you with a variety of modelling media with everything from poly blocks to sheet brass. 

Demos 2011

1. Bob and Garath Rowlands (1.1) Modellers Workshop. We are experienced modellers who show members of the public how to go about a model railway. Our models have been featured on television, in many magazines and at exhibitions all over the country. We show how to solder, paint and weather, kit bash , wire layouts and assemble kits.  On display will be a selection of models we have built  in various scales. We can also show you how to make buildings using digital imaging from photos. Please feel free to ask us any questions about any aspects of model railways and we will try to answer them

2. Bob Dawson (1.1) will be demonstrating model building construction .

3. Neil Moxham (1.1) will be demonstrating 2mm scale modelling;

4. Pauline McKenna from Millfields Models (2.2) will be demonstrating N gauge loco modifications etc;

Stands 2011

1.Abbey Light Railway http://abbeylightrailway.webs.com/ A small narrow gauge industrial railway based at Kirkstal Abbey, Leeds giving passenger rides Sundays and bank holidays throughout the year.

2.  NER Autocar Trust  http://www.electricautocar.co.uk/ A project to recreate a a North Eastern Railway single coach Autocar originally Petrol - Electric powered.

3.    Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Society  www.lyrs.org.uk

4.    Middleton Railway  www.middletonrailway.org.uk/
The World's Oldest Continuously Working Railway (1758 - 2010) Hunslet Leeds 

5. Kirklees Light Railway      www.kirkleeslightrailway.com/

Previous Exhibitions
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