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Railway Correspondance and Travel Soc
Interesting talks approximatly monthly at Saltaire Methodist Church http://www.rcts.org.uk/

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Exhibitors from the 2012 exhibition

Our 2012 exhibition was held at the New Bradford Academy on the 31st March and 1st April 2012

Previous Exhibitions
For an archive of our previous shows click here> Exhibition Archive
For previous years PROGRAMS go to  Downloads

 The 2012 theme was Saltaire with our 24ft version (Victoria Road) along with a DCC corner featuring advise and demos. To promote the event to younger visitors admission was be £5 Adults and £1 for under 16's.

Layouts 2012 

 Bishops Bridge N (13ft by 3ft) Bishop's Bridge is a fictitious medium-sized station on the south coast of England, set on a summer Saturday in the late 80s-early 90s British Rail sectorisation period. The layout is loosely based on a mix of Portsmouth, Weymouth and Dover.

Bilbeck Woods OO  24ft by 9ft (Harrogate MRC)

The Layout came about as a solution to run any type of stock at any time to suit all tastes of our club members! Since its last visit to Bradford it has been converted from end to end to a full oval. Go On have a look and see which we are running today.

Bricks and pipes  (O-16.5) 3 by 2ft Bob Dawson (York)

The idea for this my second "micro layout" came from an article in the American Magzine "Narrow GAuge shoer film gazette" by Carl Ardent.
My only change to his track plan was to add a shoprt siding to the workshop and a working incline.
The clay is brought from the pits to the works in hopper wagons, hoisted up the incline, and baked into pipes or bricks. These are then packed and despatched back to the mainline conmnection.
All buildings are made from card, then bricks, wooden planks, tiles or stone added. Powder or acrylic paints are used with a final covering of weathering powders.
The rolling stock is  mainly made from plasticard on altered RTR chassis. Locomotives also have plasticard bodies on RTR chassis except for the Gas/Mechanical Loco which is by Bachmann.

Computrains  (Steve and Roland Wood)
An awesome fully automated dcc demonstration layout see www.computrains.co.uk
There is no scenery; the focus is on the wiring and electronic components necessary for computer control. Normally 7 or more trains are operated at the same time.
As well as attracting viewers to watch the computer control the trains on the layout, visitors are encouraged to interact with the exhibitors by watching the short presentation and joining in with the Q & A sessions held thereafter. To facilitate this we usually have 10-12 chairs set out at the front of the layout, (allowing others to stand behind).
The presentation lasts approx. 10 mins followed by questions. The format is usually repeated every hour.

Cuyahoga USA Z by the Mardy Model railway club 1mm=1ft (Cumbria)
For my first venture in American Z I have returned to one of the American railroads that have always fascinated me. The Nickel Plate Road one of the last users of mainline steam in the US. The layout is based around the Cuyahoga flats area of Cleveland Ohio where industry, river and rails are squeezed together and features harbours, lift bridges, car float ferries and quayside freight activities. The railroad buildings, which are all scratch built are based on the Nickel Plate's modem rebuild of the facilities at Calumet, Chicago. Low relief store houses, an icing station and coach servicing facilities make up the scenic break that hides the 7 road fiddle yard at the back. The Pennsylvania Railroad has trackage rights on the mainline so expect an interesting mix of NKP steam and Pennsy' diesels. The layout is 8| by 2| 6 and makes extensive use of Peter Wright turnouts on the visible sections with Peco flexi track. Marklin double slip points are used as space savers on the quayside section. At exhibitions there is the ability to run three trains simultaneously on the main lines whilst the docks and roundhouse work independently so there should always be some movement to entertain the visitors. The rolling stock is a mixture of AZL, Marklin, MTL, Pennzee, kit built and scratchbuilt with Kadee automatic couplings on most of the stock. NKP Pacifies and Mikados share the limelight with EMD F7s, GP7s and GP35s. Recent advances in the manufacture of Z locomotives means that the layout performs as well as many larger scale layouts The layout is constantly being developed and will change a lot over the next few years I am sure. If you have any questions please ask. We were delighted to have extensive coverage of the layout in both Continental Modeller magazine and Z-track the only magazine to concentrate solely on Z gauge
See www.youtube.com/user/kevsmiththa

Dudley Moor EM 4mm=1ft (Keighley) see www.freewebs.com/dudleymoor-em
Dudley Moor is built to EM gauge standards. EM stands for eighteen millimetres. Being a club layout it consists of 5 base boards, 4 are scenic boards and the fifth is the fiddle yard.

The track work is SMP with hand built copper clad turnouts, built in sections and fitted direct to the board, with electrically operated point motors from a control panel. The scenery starts with the station throat, passed the signal box, coal drops and scrap yard, allotments, passing the edge of the town, to the mill and pond, through to the goods area. The layout is based in the West Yorkshire area, between Bradford and Leeds, some where between Dudley Hill and Laisterdyke area. The period is set around the 1960’s era. This allows the layout to run a wide mixture of locos’ such as late steam and green diesels, but some of the new corporate era blue diesels may make an appearance. The stock is a mixture of ready to run and kit built/scratch built locos’, all converted to EM standards using various methods of conversion. Should you require any more information on this layout please feel free to ask any questions? Should you be interested in the EM society or would like to know more about the Keighley group or the club

Gardiner Junction N 8ft x 6ft Ian Wheelock & Harry Crossley
An N gauge railway of unusual shape specially desired for rapid set up and use on a cupboard unit of a compact kitchen.
A double track mainline with storage loops providing continuous running and the junctions to the two stations allow point to point operation.
Track and point motors are Peco, buildings are Kestrel and Ratio. The working semaphore signals are hand built.
The period of the layout is around 1955 to 1960. The layout can be viewed from three sides.

Glen Bogle O (Ian Atkinson/ Chris Towers BMRC)

Grange Over Sands N Modern  (Blackburn MRC)

Welcome to Grange-over-Sands as we see it. We have modelled Grange in the late 80’s early 90’s; just at the time when British Rail was getting ready to be privatised. This means lots of diesel locomotives, DMUs, and the occasional steam special. We can actually run three eras, 1978-85, 1985-95, and 2001-present day, depending on what stock we have available at the time.
You will also notice that we have included the goods yard track which was actually lifted in the 1960s; there are two reasons for this. First, it gives more operational interest for us and you, the viewing public, alike. Second, with modeller's licence the layout can show what could have been done had the yard remained in place. Timber form Grizedale Forest could have been moved to Chirk, and the rest used as a permanent way depot and stabling point. Obviously we have had to compress a few areas to fit them in to the space we have, but I hope you agree that we have a very good representation of Grange. And yes, the beach is green and has been for quite a while. It is actually pampas grass that was planted as an experiment for Manchester University in the 1970’s, and it now covers the whole sea front

Monkswood OO Modern DCC  (Graham Harrison Blackpool and north Fylde MRC
MONKSWOOD represents a station, built in the hills of East Lancashire, which due to the lie of the land, was built higher than the engine shed. This shed provides maintenance for locos from the nearby quarries . Occasionally, wagons from these quarries are brought through to a small yard behind the shed for storage etc. Wagons are shunted in and out of a nearby distribution warehouse using kadee couplings.
Locos and DMU’s on the layout are DCC controlled, some also being fitted with sound

St Cyrus OO (Nick Skelton Scarborough MRC)
A 1970's Scottish branch terminus

Tomas (BMRC) see Bradford Model Railway club layouts

Victoria Road (BMRC) see Bradford Model Railway club layouts

Whinny Hill (O) (Middlesbrough Model Railway Club.

Description - the high cost of building a railway to main line standards. as required by Government legislation, discouraged the established railway companies from building lines into agricultural and country areas where traffic levels were low. The Government eventually relaxed some of these requirements with certain conditions to encourage railways to be built into such areas to aid the development of cheap transport and so came about the 'Light Railway' as defined by an act of parliament. Many were built by individuals and organizations including several in the North East,

WHINNY HILL is a fictional model layout representing a typical example of such a light railway set in the rolling English countryside. The railway mainly relied on secondhand or hired-in locomotives and coaching stock to keep costs doom, it also provided a through freight service to and from the country area to the nearest main line company and beyond. Track and points are made from C&L plastic components and Code 120 bullhead rail. Stock is a mixture of hand built and kit built with buildings mainly constructed from card. The layout is built to 7 mm/foot scale, track gauge is 32mm.

White Hill Cement works O-16.5 (Mark Hesketh)

White Hill is is based on one of the small cement works that once flourished in the Adur Valley in West Sussex, but have sadly, long since closed.
It represents a typical cement works that was part of a much larger system with all of the various works inter-connected by means of a narrow gauge railway system. The scene is set in the late 1960's when operations were being run down and there was a general air of dereliction about the place, this should be fairly evident in some of the accompanying photographs.
The layout has been modelled in "O" narrow gauge (7mm = 1 foot) and is somewhat unusual in the fact that it is has two entirely separate narrow gauge railway systems, the 2'4" gauge (0-16.5mm) line or as it is more affectionately referred to as, the standard gauge and the 2' gauge (014mm) line. The 2'4" line links White Hill Cement Works to the one at Upper Beeding, further down the line and nearer the coast where there is also a transfer connection onto the rest of the main railway network. Although the odd hopper train can sometimes be seen trundling back and forth, this line is primarily responsible for delivering various assorted raw materials and supplies to the works, plus not forgetting of course, the small compliment of employees to their place of work.
The 2' line heads North to ing Barn and then onto Small Dole and is used primarily for bringing in supplies of essential raw materials such as chalk and limestone from the quarries nearby. Trains of rugga skips can be seen trundling back and forth with astonishing regularity with the occasional works and supply trains adding a little variety to the traffic.
The service operated is far more intensive than the average full sized railway, which is perhaps why the workers appear so disgruntled.
The 2' line also has the added interest of full loco repair and re-fueling facilities, at the centre of which is a small but fully functional miniature turntable. The little diesels can often be seen entering the loco facilities for Jim the mechanic to try and stem yet another oil leak on these ageing workhorses.

Whitham Creak (ON30 American NG) 5 by 3 (John Whitaker). This layout was built to show that you don't need a large space for a model railway. Trackwork is Hornby standard curved set-track, The fiddle yard was added later to increase space at exhibitions


More to Follow

Traders 2012

D and M video(2.2 ) www.dm-dvds.com Modern image DVDs 30 Bradley View; Holywell Green; HALIFAX West Yorkshire, HX4 9DN. A production and authoring company specialising in Trains, Transport and Travel

(2.2) www.elmetimages.co.uk C/O Bolton Abbey Station, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 6AF Suppliers and manufacturers of quality scenery components, figures and detailing accessories. Model-making and photographic services also available etc  


Grosmont Books (3.3) www.grosmontbookshop.co.uk/ will be selling new Books and US outline models of various scales, but primarily HO, On30 and G scales.

Keiths Model Railways (5.5) 0116 2778634 A Good selection of second hand and some new items. Items bough or part exchanged ; Most gauges.

(4.4) www.layouts4u.net 01354 652302 - An extensive selection of lighting, scenery and accessories for gauges N to O

(4.4) www.modeldepot.co.uk/
Model Depot have a superb range of products for newcomers to the hobby to the advanced kit builders and old masters. The range of items includes Scenic’s, Accessories, Detailing, Kits, electrics, DCC, and tools from the best manufacturers If You can’t see what you want visit our busy web site www.modeldepot.co.uk for upto date product availability and further information about Model Depot. Model Depot is the superb West Yorkshire online retailer for your hobby trusted world wide

M A and D pictures (2.2) email burrowsdave@live.co.uk Railway related pictures and Photos

(3.3) www.modelroadsandtramways.co.uk  - Caters for all modellers interested in Blackpool working lights to electronic control systems as installed at London Transport Museum. From railways to the Faller Car System, see a working Faller System with buses and lorries stopping and starting at working traffic lights. We carry a range of Faller bus spares. We will be on hand to discuss any query or question you may have.

Nick Tozer Railway Books (2.2) www.railwaybook.com (2.2) Church Street, Paddock, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 4UJ Tel: 01484 518159 - Huge selection of second had books  CANCELLED

Northern Steam (3.3)  Quality Steam and Diesel Photo's Neil and Tracy Porter 01204 430692..
    (May not appear due to ill health)

 Penketh Model Rail Centre [home link](5.5) www.penkethmodelrailways.com
In addition to stocking a wide selection of new products from all the major manufacturers we also buy and sell second hand stock and offer a number of other special services including weathering nd DCC decoder fitting etc.

www.qualitybaseboards.co.uk Philip Broadbent; 2 Chamberlain Business Park; Chamberlain Road; HULL; HU8 8HL  or email nfo@qualitybaseboards.co.uk
For the discerning modeller we manufacture and if required, deliver and install high quality, affordable baseboards. These can be sent to you flatpacked with ALL required items (Glue, screws and full easy to understand construction details) or fully assembled. Custom sizes and designs can be commissioned. Support legs and canopies can be specified. We also offer a full bespoke service where you can provide us with your specific requirements which can include full track supply and lay, ballasting and full DC or DCC wiring.   


Rural Railways (5.5)  Bucknell; Shropshire;Tel 01547 530016 email sales@rural railways.co.uk. 2mm and 4mm scale products.

Railbus (5.5) Gavin Bairstow; 01422 249961 - 3 School Cres; Bradshaw Halifax; HX2 9QR Transport books, videos, models and model railway items at bargain prices.

Sweets of Yesteryear  (4.4)   Mr Jim Crennell, 84 Leeds Road, Harewood, Leeds LS17 9LE. Telephone 07823330039.
A delicious range of mouth watering fudges and toffees complimented by a variety of your favourite sweets from a bygone age.

Tools  (7.7)  www.squirestools.com/ Major suppliers of Model and Craft Tools

Walkers Models  (6.6) of Redcar selling all second-hand model railway items. I specialise in Hornby dublo spares and at present I have a large range of these. Also I have Hornby O gauge, N gauge and many other interesting items. My contact details are:- Howard Walker, 100 Kirkleatham Lane, Redcar, Cleveland TS10 5DD. Phone numbers are 01642 481884 or mobile 07711727017 email howardwalker1992@yahoo.co.uk

Demos 2012

Neil Moxham (2.2) neilmoxham@supanet.com A display of 2mm scale modelling by members od the Pennine area group of the 2mm scale association.
The group meets on the 2nd Saturday of each month at Keighley MRC clubrooms 14.00 on . Our current project is a model of Lightcliffe station set in the 1930's.

AZG (ALTE- ZEIT - GRUPPE) Historical German Railway Society (2.2). A stand offering a range of publications, DVD's, members second hand items as well as recruitmnet. DVD's will also be showing examples of available material. Contact Secretary Mike Pringle, Salford, Lancs 01302 729378.
The Society's core period is 1835-1960 for enthusiasts and modellers. Quarterly Journal, Magazine circle, reference material and advise. see http://trc.trains.com/groups.aspx?page=info&groupid=1660

Modellers Workshop (Bob and Garath Rowlands) 2.2 We are experienced modellers who show members of the public how to go about a model railway. Our models have been featured on television, in many magazines and at exhibitions all over the country. We show how to solder, paint and weather, kit bash , wire layouts and assemble kits.  On display will be a selection of models we have built  in various scales. We can also show you how to make buildings using digital imaging from photos. Please feel free to ask us any questions about any aspects of model railways and we will try to answer them.

Kits Unlimited (John Taylor) 01422 839538 2.2 will be demonstrating O gauge Kit construction as well as selling a range of larger scale Kits as well as promoting his specialist milling facility's.

Ryders Wynd Works (Simon Howard) DCC chip Fitting and advice.

Stands 2012

1.Abbey Light Railway http://abbeylightrailway.webs.com/ A small narrow gauge industrial railway based at Kirkstal Abbey, Leeds giving passenger rides Sundays and bank holidays throughout the year.

2. The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society founded 1950)
The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society has supported and provided information for modellers for 60 years. We can help you with information about the railway so you can build your dream layout. Our colour “magazine” contains articles about modelling and our historical journal “LYR Focus” contains a wealth of information about the railway.
With over 75% of our membership modellers why not join a band of over 800 dedicated enthusiasts, you won’t regret it. Some suppliers produce kits and bits exclusively for our membership but the Society is willing to work with all manufacturers and attempts to obtain discounts for members on kits and publications, therefore adding value to membership.
Being an educational charity the Society aims to bring together all those with an interest in the "Lanky" whether that is historical research or modelling. Interested? You can contact us through our web page www.lyrs.org.uk  our adverts in the press, or better still visit our stand whilst at the show.

3.    Middleton Railway  www.middletonrailway.org.uk/
The World's Oldest Continuously Working Railway (1758 - 2010) Hunslet Leeds 

4.  NER Autocar Trust  http://www.electricautocar.co.uk/ A project to recreate a a North Eastern Railway single coach Autocar originally Petrol - Electric powered.


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