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Our 2013 annual exhibition was held on 4th and 5th May 2013. Visitors were slightly up
This was the last Exhibition at Bradford Acadamy
The layout judged best in show by the public was Cromford And High Peak from John Holroyd seen here receiving the Pennock cup from our Chairman Ian Atkinson

The layout judged best in show by our Chairman Ian Atkinson was LLanfair Caereinion from Blackburn MRS www.belmrs.org seen here receiving the Arthur Towers Shield

The 2013 theme was Oxenhope. To promote the event to younger visitors admission was be £5 Adults and £1 for under 16's.


Bolton Priory O (Skipton MRS) (18ft by 3ft)

LNER, 1937. Terminus of fictional branch from Ilkley to Bolton Priory with private line to sawmill and quarry on Devonshire estate.
More details, photo album and layout plan available on Skipton MRS website. www.skiptonrailsoc.org.uk/bolton%20priory.htm

Clun OO (Ian Wheelock) 20' by 18"

This station is the terminus of 2 rural branch lines. Trains are typical of the former GW LMS joint lines in the Welsh marches border area and operation represents the connection of services between the two lines. There is even occasional coach workings.
A local colliery sends   loaded wagons to the yard for collection by a main line engine and trains of empties are worked back in return.

Code 75 track and point motors are Peco and buildings are a mix of ready made, kits and hand built structures, much use being made of Metclafe embossed sheets. The majority of rolling stock is proprietary ready to run..

Colyer Street OO DCC (Roger Epps Shipley MRS) 15' by 2'  
Set in the heart of industrial Tyneside, the layout imagines that the former North British Railway managed to build a station in Newcastle. A former through station, the line was truncated to a terminus, and that is what has been modelled. Passenger services are in the hands of DMUs although a loco hauled service still runs as does an occasional parcels train. Freight serviced are limited to serving a brewery and yard. Other trains run as required. Track is Peco code 75 and Peco point motors are used to change the points. The layout is controlled by an N.C.E Power Cab DCC system.

Cromford and High Peak OO (John Holroyd)
The model is based on the Cromford to Sheep pasture section at the southern end of the C & HPR which opened in 1830 to link the canal at Cromford with the Peak Forest canal at Whaley bridge. Built to canal engineering principles there were horse drawn level sections with rope hauled inclines where a flight of locks might be considered. The northern portion closed in 1892 but this southern part worked until 1967. Its course is now a footpath and cycleway known as the High Peak trail. Most of the buildings still survive including the Middleton top winding engine and Lea wood pumping engine.

The incline is correctly pitched at 1 in 8 but lacks the catch pit which was installed to halt runaways. On the real incline wagons were laboriously tethered by lengths of chain plaited around the haulage  cable but on the model each truck carries a magnet which sticks to a small spring spliced onto the winding rope.
Short wheelbase locos where needed on teh sharpley curving route and features most of the short wheelbase classes used in BR days.

Old tenders carried water up the hill for domestic and locomotive purposes. Limestone  and Galena (a  natural mineral form of lead) were the principle loads.
A display panel will help describe the finer points of the line's history and questions are welcome.

Hebden Bridge OO (Huddersfield MRS);

A small town on the eastern side of the Pennines. Historically it was served by two main transport arteries, the Rochdale Canal, linking Manchester with the Calder Hebble Navigation, and the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway’s Manchester and Leeds main line. The town’s transport link and a plentiful water supply gave rise to its once thriving textile industry. The town lies at the confluence of two rivers, the River Calder and Hebden Water, both cutting through steeply sided valleys, with the railway clinging to the sides of the Calder Valley as it climbs towards Todmorden and Summit Tunnel
Now something of a dormitory town for the conurbations of Manchester, Halifax, Leeds and Bradford, it is still served by excellent east west rail services. Set in a very picturesque area, the town is a centre for the local tourist industry and has the distinction of being officially the least cloned town in England; it is also the home of the last clog factory in Britain.
The layout is an attempt to create an impression of the station, traffic and its environs in the late forties, fifties and very early sixties. As a prototype for a model, it was in many ways ideal for our needs. Being situated on a main line at a point where the track quadruples, there is plenty scope for a wide variety of traffic, including express trains from coast to coast, Newcastle, Hull, Leeds and Bradford to Manchester, Liverpool and Blackpool (many of them only 6 to eight coaches long and in spite of this often double headed), a never ending procession of coal trains from the Yorkshire coal fields and regular supply of freight and parcels trains. In terms of locomotive power, most LMS standard types, except the pacifics, were regular performers on the line; many BR standards also used the line as did a smattering of ex LNER locos, to say nothing of ex LYR types.

Johnstown N (Harrogate MRC) 20 by 8
Set in a fictional East Midlands location on the borders between the Eastern and Midland Regions of BR in the mid 1960's Johnstown depicts a busy town station with 5  platforms. The 4 island platforms serve the main lines with platform 5 nearest the viewing side serving a single track branch line.
There is a small goods yard with town centre including a bus depot located behind.
The old loco facilities for the branch have become redundant and can be seen in a state of disrepair.
The setting and period allow a wide selection of rolling stock both steam and diesel from members collections..
Track is Peco with points operated by wire in tube and control is traditional analogue via Morley Vortrack controllers.

LLanfair 009 (Blackburn MRS) 5.2 by 1.1m   http://www.belmrs.org/

Opened in 1903 to link the market town of Welshpool to the rural community of Llanfair Caereinion, this 2 foot 6 inch narrow gauge steam railway now provides a tourist service. Built as a Light Railway to avoid some of the costs of railway construction, the narrow gauge allows for tight curves and steep gradients, enabling the line to follow the contours of the countryside. All of the trains are steam hauled, either by one of the original locomotives or one from abroad. The carriages in regular use are from Hungary and Austria with access to the enclosed seating area via an open balcony.
The journey begins in the town of Welshpool. From the start the train battles up the notoriously steep Golfa Bank accompanied by the sound oj the locomotive echoing off the hills.
Llanfair station was opened in 1903 and operated by the Cambrian Railway, it merged with the GWR in 1922, and subsequently by British Railways in 1948. Following its closure in 1956, it was reopened as a preserved line in 1963, and continues today.
The fictitious history of our model is similar to the history above, but with a number of differences. We have assumed that the line was more successful in its non-preservation years and this leads to the line being extended through the town of Llanfair and beyond.
This adds variety to the stock and operation that we can employ. We have also assumed that the passenger service did not finish in 1931, and that the line did not close in 1956, but continued working.
For our purposes, the operation of the line, from about 1956, is jointly carried out by BR and the preservation company. BR handles the freight and the regular passenger service. The preservation company runs its stock in between the BR services. Our preservation company has also acquired a more varied range of rolling stock and locomotives than the real one has. The two joint operators also manage to share their resources, so anything may turn up at any time. The period of the layout is around the late 1950* s running into the 1960's. The track plan is similar to when the line closed. The buildings are also generally as they were in BR days and so is the station, the cattle dock, Peates hut and weighbridge area have been moved closer to the station mainly to save space. The river Banwy is also closer to the station to allow us to include this scenic feature. The Tanlan siding is also closer to the station and it retains its wood yard.

Loch Lochy N 10ft by 2ft oval Modern Pauline McKenna

Loch Lochy is a basic Up and Down main line of a fictitious location in Scotland between 1974-1986 which represents the BR blue period. Based on a medium sized station in the country with a busy passenger and freight service to keep you interested. All the trains we run are supposed to represent the trains that ran in Scotland during that period at some time from the class 24’s (withdrawn about 1975) up to the ‘large logo’ classes 37, 47 and 47/7’s into 1986. There are 6 fiddle roads in the sidings which are split into 2 which allow up to 12 different trains to be run.

Manygates OO  (Sheffield MRS) 10' by 1'  www.sheffield-mrs.com/members-layouts/

A Small freight terminal based in East London with a suburban BR/ London Underground joint line with a peak-hour BR passenger service. Based on the early to Late 1970′s.

Murphys Mining HOe (G Harrison Fylde MRS) 8ft by 28" www.blackpoolandnorthfyldemrc.co.uk

Paddy Murphy had mined gravel and supplied it to the locals for years. He hadn't made a lot of money but enough to cover his hoppy of Narrow gauge industrial railways. One day two geologists arrived to test his gravel looking for a new super element called Thorium. Lo and behold large quantities were found and Paddy could now afford to buy Narrow gauge stock from around the world.
This layout is my excuse to run Roco, Lilliput diesels and stock plus some Faller road vehicles.

Murrayville Yard HO USA Chicago in the 70s HO 16.5mm 20ft by 3' 6" Pontefract & Normanton RMS http://www.nprms.org/
This is the clubs first venture into modelling the American HO scene. It is a fictional layout set very loosely around the Chicago area's this allows us to operate a great variety of railroad names and so accommodate all the club members stock.
The layout frame is constructed from 6mm ply topped with 9mm ply fr the track bed. All trackwork is the new Peco code 83 with points operated by Seep S3 motors which have built in switches to change the frog polarities.
Th backscene is a photographic reproduction of City and industrial areas which we purchased from on the internet from the USA. Buildings are mainly Wathers and DPM suitably kit bashed, painted and weathered to fit into the backscene. As previously mentioed locos and stock are owned by various club members, hence the very varied names and period. some locos are fitted wuith sound chips. The layout is run by a Lenz 90 DCC system. The layout became a labour of love throughout its construction and a few members lost interest but one member soldiered on and finished the bulk of the work so we named the layout after him.
If you have any questions regarding the layout please feel free to ask.  

Oxenhope (0) BMRC 38ft x 3ft end to end was Bradford Model Railway Clubs first O guage layout and represents the terminus station of the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, loosely as it was between 1945 and 1965. This permits the running of both L.M.S. and B.R. stock .
It consists of a single platform with run-round loop and goods facilities. As a point of interest, when the branch was constructed to double track standards to allow a never built extension via a long tunnel to Hebden Bridge.
The layout is constructed of six screwed and glued 12mm plywood baseboards
measuring 4' x 3', making a total length of 38', which is the maximum that will fit in the clubroom
Peco track and points are used with slow-motion Tortoise point motors and
magnetically operated Dingham Uncouplers. Scenery is mainly woodland scenics.
Stock belongs to various members and includes of Bachman, Tower; Oakville-Anchorage; Ace, Connoisseur, DJH, Kirk, Sidelines, Slater's, Peco, and some scratch built.
see see also Bradford Model Railway club layouts

Rose Cove 7mm=1ft Narrow Gauge (D Burrows - Skipton MRS) 5' by 2' 6" http://www.skiptonrailsoc.org.uk
A continuous loop 7mm = 1ft Narrow gauge layout running on OO track. The location is fictitious and incorporates a Harbour wall, Station and Blacksmith shop. Stock includes Locos from heavily modified Hornby 4 wheelers and a bogie coach made from an etched brass kit.

Shasta Z (1:220 (1.4mm/ft) DCC  Kevin and Andrew Smith Mardy MRS 10' by 2' 6"
The Sacramento River Canyon in Z DCC

The torturous curves of Union Pacific's former Epsee line through the Shasta sub division see long and intermodal and merchandise trains with multiple Diesel locos on the front grind round the curves at Cantara loop and Shata springs with some pausing at the division point of the station at Dunsmuir for crew changes.
This Z scale layout features modern locomotives and rolling stock from the new generation of Z scale manufacturers like AZI, MTL, Full Throttle and Robert Ray in which the running qualities and detail matches the best of any of the larger scales.
The junction between the 2 main boards and the Shasta Springs board is built using the Z-bend track modular interface. This popular system in the USA allows  the layout to be connected easily to any other layout  enabling the assembly of super-layouts at shows. This means that Shasta can be easily extended in the future at the Z-bend joint by adding additional baseboards. A consequence of the Z-bend approach is that both sides of the layout are finished scenically.
Pushing the limits od Z technology the layout features DCC control and super elevated curves.
Shasta features over 400 trees and scratchbuilt structures.

Sheaf Valley (N DCC) (Oliver Reading Sheffield)

The Sheaf Valley Railway is a small fictional preserved railway in South Yorkshire. The layout depicts one terminus of the line with the intermediate station(s) represented by the fiddle yard. The layout measures 12’ x 1’ and is free standing on its own set of legs. The layout is run using DCC and uses the Bachmann Dynamis controllers for the wireless function it allows. Below is a trackplan of the scenic area:
The area represented on the layout has a scenic section of 8’ x 1’. This is classed as the main station on the line as it is where the loco depot, carriage shed and carriage &wagon works are based. There is a terminus which can hold a 4 coach train in the main platform and a 2-car DMU in the bay so allsorts can be seen departing up the line. This is designed as the scenic end of the line being located within the sheaf valley itself. All track is Peco Code 55 and points are electrically controlled through the probe and stud mechanism. Signals are the motorised examples provided by Dapol and the layout also makes use of the company’s Magnetic couplings.
The layout was built using the maximum space available in the rather compact room University Accommodation provides. It was also built to a budget by using as many bits from the ‘spares’ box as possible.

Toms Shed OO micro layout  (4ft by 1ft) Martin Gajos York

Toms shed is a four track layout set in the 60's depicting that part of a large steam shed which replenishes coal water and sand as well as providing ash disposal facilities.

The coaling tower and ash tower in this model (based on the still extant towers at Carnforth in Lancashire are one version of a wide variety of designs utilised by railway companies from the 1930’s. A digital frame display shows some examples of the design variants, as well as general views of steam depots and locomotives

The period of the layout is set in the 1960’s, mainly steam outline loco’s are displayed and some diesels from the period. Pre-nationalisation loco’s and post steam era diesels “visit on special workings” to add interest. The layout illustrates what can be achieved in a very small space portraying a substantial number and variety of loco movements. Photographs of “Toms Shed” and other of our current and past exhibition and older layouts are on flickr at www.flickr.com/photos/85298810@N07/sets/

Tomas (BMRC) see Bradford Model Railway club layouts

Whits End OO 50/60 steam diesel (John Whitaker) 6ft by 1ft

After reading the book building micro layouts by P Lunn and buying an AC Railcar I decided to make a small layout based on the retro railcar plan. It is based on Devon and Cornwall, on a GWR/SR junction  in the 50's 60's. Point work is Peco setrack as is the track with the points operated by Gem switches.

Waterhume OO9 (Ian Drumond) 3m by 820mm
OO9/OO gauge layout of a preserved NG line in the 1960's with a standard gauge feeder line loosely based on the Leek and Manifold Light Railway

 The Ashbourne and Bakewell Railways was one of England’s least known narrow gauge lines, and although a Preservation Society saved it, now nothing of the line remains. Waterhulme was one of the main stations on the line, forming an interchange with a BR branch line, which ran to the main Buxton to Ashbourne line.
The year modelled is 1967, the last year of the line’s operation, and is based on the railway’s steam gala weekend. Most of the line’s rolling stock is in use, and the BBC are making a live outside broadcast from the line.
Many of the locomotives comes from the private collection of Mr. Alan Bolt, who had been the driving force behind the formation of the Preservation Society, and had collected locomotives form many British and Overseas Narrow Gauge lines as they had closed. A special visitor for the weekend is ‘Peter Sam’ from the Skarloey Railway. In truth the layout is loosely based on Waterhouses Station on the Leek and Manifold Railway. Many of the features of the Leek and Manifold line are modelled, including a transporter wagon demonstration train carrying a standard gauge wagon.
The line is true to its setting in the Derbyshire Dales, with limestone cliffs a feature of the layout, also note the river which disappears down a ‘sink hole’ leaving a dry river bed. Many animals and birds are also to be seen around the layout. The layout featured in the December 1997 issue of ‘Model Railway Enthusiast’


B & C Transport C. Hobson; Sheffield. 07778614395
Good selection of items covering all forms of transport. Buses, cars, etc. Various items of railway goods

Country Scenes (2.2) www.facebook.com/CountryScenes Huddersfield  01484 340132,
Inexpensive bespoke light weight scenery pieces, made by a retired hobbyist. 2mm or 4mm scales Mountains, Tunnels, Waterfalls embankments or whatever your layout needs. Handmade trees and realistic budget trees made

D and M video(4.4) www.dm-dvds.com Modern image DVDs 30 Bradley View; Holywell Green; HALIFAX West Yorkshire, HX4 9DN. A production and authoring company specialising in Trains, Transport and Travel

(2.2) www.elmetimages.co.uk C/O Bolton Abbey Station, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 6AF Suppliers and manufacturers of quality scenery components, figures and detailing accessories. Model-making and photographic services also available etc  


Grosmont Books (3.3) www.grosmontbookshop.co.uk/ will be selling new Books and US outline models of various scales, but primarily HO, On30 and G scales.

M A and D pictures Skipton - email burrowsdave@live.co.uk 01756 749833. Commissions undertaken many different themes.

http://www.millennium-models.co.uk  (3.3).  The leading retailer of model trains and train memorabilia in the Morley area of Leeds. We offer a huge range model trains and accessories to suit everyone from a newcomer to the most serious of model enthusiast. With a vast knowledge and a passion for trains our friendly staff are here to help. We stock products from the world's most renowned model manufacturers, such as hornby, bachmann and peco.

The Shunters Yard Hoyles Models (3.3) Chorley 07583 757772 www.hoylesmodelrailways.co.uk/ Specialists in Goods, industrial and small layouts.

Keiths Model Railways (5.5) 0116 2778634 A Good selection of second hand and some new items. Items bough or part exchanged ; Most gauges.

M A and D pictures (2.2) email burrowsdave@live.co.uk Railway related pictures and Photos

(3.3) www.modelroadsandtramways.co.uk  - Caters for all modellers interested in Blackpool working lights to electronic control systems as installed at London Transport Museum. From railways to the Faller Car System, see a working Faller System with buses and lorries stopping and starting at working traffic lights. We carry a range of Faller bus spares. We will be on hand to discuss any query or question you may have.

 Penketh Model Rail Centre [home link](5.5) www.penkethmodelrailways.com
In addition to stocking a wide selection of new products from all the major manufacturers we also buy and sell second hand stock and offer a number of other special services including weathering nd DCC decoder fitting etc.

Railbus (5.5) Gavin Bairstow; 01422 249961 - 3 School Cres; Bradshaw Halifax; HX2 9QR Transport books, videos, models and model railway items at bargain prices.

Road and Rail Collectables  (5.5)  07763 001243 Model railways and die cast models
Hornby Wren Trix Hornby Dublo Bachman Lima OO N gauges.

Todmorden Model Supplies(   ) www.todmordenmodelsupplies.co.uk
Here at Todmorden Model Supplies we aim to supply you with everything that you need to get your models running. We supply everything from the smallest nut to the largest bolts as well as everything in between, here at Todmorden Model Supplies we can also supply you with a variety of modelling media with everything from poly blocks to sheet brass

Nick Tozer Books www.railwaybook.com (2.2) Church Street, Paddock, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 4UJ Tel: 01484 518159 - Huge selection of second had books

Demos 2013

Bob Dawson (2.2) will be demonstrating model building construction .

Peter Goss (2.2)  Model figure painting demonstration and a display of model buildings

Neil Moxham (2.2) neilmoxham@supanet.com
A display of 2mm scale modelling by members od the Pennine area group of the 2mm scale association.
The group meets on the 2nd Saturday of each month at Keighley MRC clubrooms 14.00 on . Our current project is a model of Lightcliffe station set in the 1930's.
see www.pennine2mm.org.uk/

AZG (ALTE- ZEIT - GRUPPE) (2.2)Historical German Railway Society (2.2). A stand offering a range of publications, DVD's, members second hand items as well as recruitment. DVD's will also be showing examples of available material. Contact Secretary Mike Pringle, Salford, Lancs 01302 729378.
The Society's core period is 1835-1960 for enthusiasts and modellers. Quarterly Journal, Magazine circle, reference material and advise.
see http://trc.trains.com/groups.aspx

Modellers Workshop (Bob and Garath Rowlands) 2.2 We are experienced modellers who show members of the public how to go about a model railway. Our models have been featured on television, in many magazines and at exhibitions all over the country. We show how to solder, paint and weather, kit bash , wire layouts and assemble kits.  On display will be a selection of models we have built  in various scales. We can also show you how to make buildings using digital imaging from photos. Please feel free to ask us any questions about any aspects of model railways and we will try to answer them.

Stands invited 2012

1. The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society founded 1950)
The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society has supported and provided information for modellers for 60 years. We can help you with information about the railway so you can build your dream layout. Our colour “magazine” contains articles about modelling and our historical journal “LYR Focus” contains a wealth of information about the railway.
With over 75% of our membership modellers why not join a band of over 800 dedicated enthusiasts, you won’t regret it. Some suppliers produce kits and bits exclusively for our membership but the Society is willing to work with all manufacturers and attempts to obtain discounts for members on kits and publications, therefore adding value to membership.
Being an educational charity the Society aims to bring together all those with an interest in the "Lanky" whether that is historical research or modelling. Interested? You can contact us through our web page www.lyrs.org.uk  our adverts in the press, or better still visit our stand whilst at the show.

2.    Middleton Railway  www.middletonrailway.org.uk/
The World's Oldest Continuously Working Railway (1758 - 2010) Hunslet Leeds 

3.  NER Autocar Trust  http://www.electricautocar.co.uk/ A project to recreate a a North Eastern Railway single coach Autocar originally Petrol - Electric powered.


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