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Annual Exhibition May 2015

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2015 main (Annual) exhibition Sat Sun 2nd 3rd May 2015

Pennock Trophy - The layout chosen as best in show was Wprlds End based on Knaresborough from Peter Goss
Authur Towers Shiled. The Chairmans choice was awarded to Outwell  Village from  Alan Price


Camel Quay 00 DCC sound  Ray Wilton 10ft 9in x 1ft 8in
is a typical North Cornwall ex-LSWR station on the River Camel that could have been on the Rock-Delabole Railway had it been built. The station, with its station building, goods shed, and signal box, bears a resemblance to Padstow on the opposite side of the river.
There are local pull-push passenger services and trains from Exeter and Waterloo including a portion of the ‘Atlantic Coast Express’. The quay, with its sidings, sustains a small coaster carrying china clay brought down from the local quarry in wagons and a small local fishing fleet. The High Street has a traditional public house, railway hotel and a few shops served by the local Bedford OB bus service to surrounding towns and villages. The era depicted is of the early/late BR period with typical examples of the BWT, M7, T9, ‘N’ and Class 22 locos with ‘Carmine Cream’ and BR(S) Green coaching stock.
The layout is DCC controlled and all Locos are sound fitted..

Cuyahoga USA Z by the Mardy Model railway club 1mm=1ft (Cumbria)
For my first venture in American Z I have returned to one of the American railroads that have always fascinated me. The Nickel Plate Road one of the last users of mainline steam in the US. The layout is based around the Cuyahoga flats area of Cleveland Ohio where industry, river and rails are squeezed together and features harbours, lift bridges, car float ferries and quayside freight activities. The railroad buildings, which are all scratch built are based on the Nickel Plate's modem rebuild of the facilities at Calumet, Chicago. Low relief store houses, an icing station and coach servicing facilities make up the scenic break that hides the 7 road fiddle yard at the back. The Pennsylvania Railroad has trackage rights on the mainline so expect an interesting mix of NKP steam and Pennsy' diesels. The layout is 8| by 2| 6 and makes extensive use of Peter Wright turnouts on the visible sections with Peco flexi track. Marklin double slip points are used as space savers on the quayside section. At exhibitions there is the ability to run three trains simultaneously on the main lines whilst the docks and roundhouse work independently so there should always be some movement to entertain the visitors. The rolling stock is a mixture of AZL, Marklin, MTL, Pennzee, kit built and scratchbuilt with Kadee automatic couplings on most of the stock. NKP Pacifies and Mikados share the limelight with EMD F7s, GP7s and GP35s. Recent advances in the manufacture of Z locomotives means that the layout performs as well as many larger scale layouts The layout is constantly being developed and will change a lot over the next few years I am sure. If you have any questions please ask. We were delighted to have extensive coverage of the layout in both Continental Modeller magazine and Z-track the only magazine to concentrate solely on Z gauge
See www.youtube.com/user/kevsmiththa

Fry Up 009 BMRC/ Chris Towers
See Fry up webpage

Great Burdon N  Normantan and Pontefract MRS 25ft by 3ft 6"
A section of a (fictitious) east/west mainline located on the eastern side of the Pennines during the late 50s/early 60s. Hopefull people with knowledge of the area wil see the influences taked from the West Riding.

At the Eastern end (Right side for the viewer) are the station, goods yard and motive power depot with the town in the background.
The mid section depicts junction with a riverside oil depot in the foreground. At the western end of the layout is a quarry with its own narrow gauge railway whilst in the foreground a canal parallels the railway before passing under it and like the railway into a tunnel.
Baseboards are constructed from plywood with scenery built-up up from a lattice of card using plasterers scrim, plaster and filler topped with glue, paint and the usual scenic treatments.  Buildings are a mixture of proprietary, modified kits and scratch built. Locomotives and rolling stock belong to club members and can represent late steam or early diesel periods through to the present.

Little Aire 00  22ft by 2ft mixed DC and DCC Harrogate MRC
Little Aire represents a small station, loco servicing depot and wagon works set in the West Yorkshire suburbs. The time period is the early 1990s when British Rail was in control (just!)

The passenger lines at the rear are to be electrified but a selection of DMUs can currently be seen - 142, 144, 150, 153, 155 and 158's. Once the wires are up there should be the 308's and 321's in service. These are in a mixture of Regional Railways and WYPTE red/cream liveries. The passenger lines are totally independent to the yards and these are run through regular DC controls. The Depot and Wagon Works see a number of Class 37s, 47s, 56s and sees visits from the odd class 58 and 60. These are controlled by DCC and allows for sound locos to be used. This is the clubs first venture into DCC and we are all still learning. Control is by NCE Powercab system and the operators stand at the front to operate from each end of the layout. Trackwork is Peco code 100. Locos and Rolling stock are by Bachmann, Hornby and Heljan."

Mill Lane O gauge DCC 12' by 2'  front and rear operated (Colin Samson)
A small terminal station with run round and good sidings based on the Shrewsbury Area in teh 50's 60's. This is my first venture into DCC operation and loomotives are being progressivly upgraded to have sound. Stock includes propietry from Heljan, San Cheg and Ixion with kit built locos from DJH,  Connosseur.

Millfield Yard N Gauge 9ft x 18in Pauline McKenna (BMRC)
The layout set somewhere on the Southern Region around London in the early 90's, which allows locos from any region appearing, The upper level has a station terminus which is 3rd rail, with a freight yard on the lower level, which deals with steel traffic.
Three reception sidings receive trains which are then shunted into the warehouse.

Mortomley 00 1960's East Anglia Diesels Steve Saxby Shefield MRS (7ft by 1ft)
More To Follow

Muirhill Park 00 Neil Davis Skipton 15ft by 1ft front op

Welcome to Muirhill Park, a fictitious new town in the Glasgow suburbs set in the mid to late 1980’s. The station at Muirhill Park sees local passenger trains formed mostly of 2 and 3 car DMU’s however loco hauled services arriving from further afield can be seen from time to time, the local cement works sees traffic arriving from larger freight yards with class 20,26,37 and 47 locos hauling either PCA wagons with powder cement or VDA/VGA type vans loaded with bagged cement. Freight trains arrive into the station then reverse and shunt into the cement terminal. The layout is controlled using Digital Command Control (DCC) with either Lenz or Roco systems, some locos are fitted with sound decoders.

New Millshaw 0 Gauge 7mm=1ft  Roger Epps Leeds
New Millshaw is the remains of a small branchline within the WestYorkshire conurbation, one of many that were in the area. Built to serve one of the local coal mines, the line beyond the station was closed at the same time as the pit and the branch now only serves the town of New Millshaw and its brewery — the home of Terrier Bitter. The layout is a first step in 7mm O Gauge modelling after moving up from O0 Gauge. The baseboards were originally built for a O0 layout that never came to fruition, and as such what's being built could well be called attest layout. " Trackwork throughout is Peco Code 124 and points are operated by wire in tube. Buildings are from a variety of sources, such as Peco, and Skytrex, whilst others were sourced via the internet some of the other structures were scratchbuilt. Loco's are in the main Heljan but a number of kit built loco’s are to be seen with more in the pipeline. Passenger stock is a mix with reworked Lima and kit built coaches to be seen, goods stock is a variety of kit built from the major kit manufacturers. If you have any questions please ask and we will be only too pleased to try and answer them.

North of England line (Noel) N Scarborough and Dstrict Railway modellers http://sdrmweb.co.uk
An award winning N gauge layout North of England Line - Scarworth Junction is modelled in N gauge and has been constructed to show scale length trains running through a typical northern landscape.
Model Rail Exhibitions normally feature 1930-40s LNER/LMS era on one day and 1950-60s BR era on the other.
This allows the accurate portrayal of trains from both these eras. Many locos and much of the rolling stock are scratch-built as are the buildings. Over 325 hand painted people are going about their daily lives and eagle-eyed visitors will spot many different cameos in and around the town including: the Scardale Hunt at the stately home; scouts around the campfire; drinkers at the pub; rowing boats (and models) on the river; and the local market traders and stalls in the town square. There's wildlife as well with foxes, rabbits, a squirrel and a badger! Can you find them all?
Photo courtesy of Chris Nevard.

Outwell Village 00 Alan Price 16' by 6' inc op

Outwell Village is a ‘OO’ gauge exhibition layout built to fine scale standards. Track is SMP code 75 with hand built
points. It depicts the largest intermediate depot on the Wisbech  and Upwell Tramway. The period is post Second World War, although this can be stretched to some 20 years as little changed in that time. It does however enable us to run both in LNER and British Rail formats. The Tramway was built to service the fens bringing fruit etc to the rest of the rail network.
The motive power is what could have been seen running on the tramway. These being scratch built in the case of  the Y6 tram engines, the 04’s are kits as is the two sentinel’s. Rolling stock is mostly kits from the leading manufacturers and have been weathered.  All buildings are scratch built using plasticard and are of buildings that once stood around the depot, and some can still be seen today.

Rumbling bridge 00 Scarborough and Dstrict Railway modellers http://sdrmweb.co.uk
Rumbling Bridge OO gauge layout created by Nick Skelton This Scottish branch line, worked by the North British Railway, was fully opened in 1871 and runs from Kinross Junction, on the Edinburgh to Perth main line, to Alloa.
The line follows the course of the River Devon. There are intermediate stations at Balado, Crook of Devon, Dollar, Tillicoutry, Sauchie and the subject of this model, Rumbling Bridge.

The line was initially prosperous, the scenic gorge at Rumbling Bridge being a particularly popular attraction for the increasingly liberated Victorians. Freight traffic comprised mostly agricultural produce, although in the latter years of operation deposits of coal were discovered at Dollar, resulting in the development of a mine and resultant rail traffic. Sadly, the agricultural traffic and dwindling passenger receipts were insufficient to sustain the line and the eastern section, between Kinross and Dollar, closed in April 1964. Unusually the freight traffic succumbed to closure first. The whole line closed ten years later; the mine at Dollar having failed to live up to expectations. The layout depicts Rumbling Bridge circa 1960. The services are operated by a mixture of Diesel Multiple Units and ageing Steam. Occasional appearances are made by Diesel Railbus, although this unreliable traction is often replaced by a locomotive hauled single coach train. Rumbling Bridge is modelled in OO gauge, having a 6m x 2.2m operating footprint. The layout is transported in the back of an estate car and requires only two operators.

Snug End 00 6ft by 1ft (Graham Gatehouse www.cheltmodrail.org.uk)
Snug End was inspired by a competition in the Hornby Magazine to build a diorama in 3 square feet (432 square inches). The baseboard is 45.4 ins x 9.5 ins (3 square feet) and is used at home like that, for exhibitions two small extensions are added each side to the upper level for the railbus and a third at the rear for the mainline, to change trains.
The design is based on an Inglenook Shunting Puzzle and was drawn and redrawn many times to get it all to fit within the area whilst shunting with a Diesel up to Class 20/25. The track is hand built, using SMP parts and rail, directly on to the plan. All points are Ys but are different radii (e.g. 21 inch/24 inch). The base board parts were cut to size by a local building supplier from off—cuts and they only charged £9. Stock is mostly Bachmann with two sets, one has modified couplings for hands free uncoupling. The other set has been fitted with finescale (3mm) Sprat and Winkle; their advice is not to use them below 36 inch radius, however they are being used here at 21 inch, but need careful setting. Control can be DCC (with sound) or DC (analogue). I find the concentration using DCC to be much harder than analogue for such a small layout and therefore sometimes like to fall back on analogue to relax. I like to think of Snug End as a Compact Layout although strictly speaking it falls within the Micro Layout category.

Ullapool 0 Chris Towers Ian Atliknson (BMRC )

This 7mm layout depicts what a Highland Railway branch line between Garve, on the Kyle line, and Ullapool, by the shores of Loch Broom, may have look like, had the line been built in the 1890s. It is assumed the line has remained open and the period modelled is the 1970s – 80s. The structures modelled are all based on prototypes, whilst the operation of the line utilises, in the main, BRCW Type 2 motive power. Timber and fish traffic somehow still survive, whilst a mediocre passenger service links Ullapool with Dingwall and Inverness


Whispering Hollow 12ft x4ft Front operated HO Amaerican DCC Snow scene. Ian Donkin, Gordon Whyatt (Blackpool MRS)

Whispering Hollow is an imaginary place somewhere along the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad in the state of Colorado, USA, in the 1950/60's The area is a rather run down place that has seen better days with the railroad. Steam facilities are disappearing and the turntable and most of the shed have been knocked down. In their place is diesel re fuelling facilities. The layout depicts evening time and the first fall of snow of late autumn has arrived. People are beginning to finish their daily business before going home. Children are enjoying the snowball fight. The train spotter is taking photos. The warehouse has lights that are switched on/off as the cleaners go about their business The locomotive being cut up used to run! The layout is DCC, with locomotives, points and signals operated by the DCC throttle. Track is Kato uni track.. The buildings are a mixture of kits, pre-built and scratch built. The layout is operated from the front so if you wish to have a chat/ask questions please do. We do not bite, but not everyone has been vetted!! However we have to try and keep locos running for everyone’s entertainment so may have to break off

Worlds End 00 based on Knaresborough 23' by 12' Peter Goss's new large 00 layout www.petegossrailwaymodelling.co.uk/

All the hard ground surfaces are complete and all buildings are in place and finished. Around 20 lights are included within the buildings, particularly to the large glazed shop interiors. The river has been watered and rowing boats completed and added. I am now moving into the final stage of soft ground cover and trees. 57 trees are nearly complete and bushes, hedges and flowers are under way. Substantial amounts of static grass, brambles, weeds, flower tubs and so forth are massed ready for installation. Model figures are painted and ready for installation complete with picnic tables. The far left rear of the town area is to be left vacant for a ‘future development’ consisting of maybe a large bank building and a row of buildings. This complex has not been designed or drawn up yet. The trains are in the process of being assembled although some elements will need re-painting, and around 30 coaches will need dis-assembling and populating. It is planned to attend the Nidd Valley Railway Association exhibition at Pateley Bridge on 1st and 2nd November 2014 with hopefully the whole layout in running order as a prelude to a full set of exhibition outings during 2015.
UPDATE (26.09.2013)
New progress pictures were taken on the 25th September 2013. Take a look in the worlds end gallery to see were things currently are. Station buildings and castle are now permanently bedded down and fixed. All other buildings still loose pending retaining walls, cliffs and lighting being completed. Currently the roads and footpaths are being worked on to a full completion. Tarmac, stone and cobbles are all mixed up amongst the road finishes and the footpaths are either tarmac, brick setts, gravel or stone. Steps serving the station underpass are next to build. Signals will be fitted as soon as Mick has finished making them and we have worked out a way of making them work mechanically. All buildings are complete apart from the stone courthouse structure next to the castle. The left rear corner is currently vacant and will be filled with an impressive 4 or 5 storey brick detailed bank building taken from the High Street after the layout is complete as I need to concentrate on landscape and trees for now. Trains and stock are probably ¾ collected but still need a lot of work doing on them. The layout has been erected fully a few times now with the last session being a full electrical test run. All went OK. Time spent so far I would estimate at 1 year research and drawing work, followed by 40 months construction so far, with maybe 15 to 18 months to go. The construction of the buildings and viaduct has been by far the most time consuming job and whilst the layout does not look near complete, once the roads, footpaths, walls and several miles of railings are sorted it is just a matter of dressing and detailing, isn’t it? Knaresborough modern image model railway. Intrigue, folklore and architecture. This, the third layout, is yet to appear. It is currently under construction and will combine the experiences gained on the Etton and Rowlands Castle layouts. Its prime aim will be to purely entertain. Expected completion will be around the beginning of 2015. This is a pilgrimage into model building construction that will produce double the structures that appeared on the Rowlands Castle layout. Whilst it is to have a ‘modern image’ leaning, it will only have a branch line theme. It will be based on a market town setting and contain a very strong historical idiom to continue the military overtone created on the Rowlands Castle layout. A bold proposal, but the finished effect will hopefully contain a charming contrast between a bustling market town and wooded countryside horizontally, and a sheer cliff face and river gorge vertically. I started planning the project in 2009, and after extensive survey work and detailed planning construction finally commenced in February 2010. This layout is to be based on the North Yorkshire market town of Knaresborough. Set in the time period around 2005-2010, it will include the modern day DMU’s and several long special trains. The Layout will feature the River Nidd gorge, viaduct, station, castle, surrounding building clusters and contrasting open countryside Towards the end of 2010 I began creating of a range of 'modern image' white metal cast model figures (Pete Goss Figures) with friend Tony Chadburn. These are to be used extensively on the new layout and are also now available for general sale via PayPal on this website, or direct at one of the shows we attend.

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  Telephone : 01300 345355
Aspire gifts and models www.aspiregiftsandmodels.co.uk;
Unit 4, Court farm Business park Buckland newton NR Dorchester DT2 7BT
We supply Quality New and Pre Owned Model Railway and Scenery.
We hold extensive ranges of Hornby, Bachmann, DCC equipment, Gaugemaster, Lenz, Dynamics and Full Hornby Systems & Decoders.
We also stock 00 Gauge Lighting, Diecast Vehicles, Backgrounds, Scenery Cards, Plastic Kits and all the Accessories required to build your complete model railway set up



Direct Trains Spares Burnley  07561 179117 or 01282 438083
www.directtrainspares-burnley.co.uk We are manufacturers of high quality products at affordable prices. We currently manufacture rolling road cradle units in various gauges ( N, O, OO, ) with other gauges to follow very soon. We also manufacture NEM 652 DCC decoder socket wiring harnesses.

Grosmont Books   www.grosmontbookshop.co.uk/ will be selling new Books and US outline models of various scales, but primarily HO, On30 and G scales.

Keiths Model Railways  0116 2778634 A Good selection of second hand and some new items. Items bough or part exchanged ; Most gauges.

M A and D pictures  email burrowsdave@live.co.uk
Railway related pictures and Photos

102 Trinity Street, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire DN21 1HS
Tel. 01427-811040. http://www.madabouttrains.co.uk/
Modelling Advice - Service Repairs - DCC Decoder Fitting - Limited Edition Models
DCC specialist we fit and supply sound chips. We stock a large selection of accessories and scenice materials together with electric componants.If you are building a layout we cater for all your needs. We also build layouts from N gauge to O gauge. Good honest and reliable advice is always available. We aim to please rather than fill the till. We carry a selection of locos and rolling stock. We buy and sell 2nd hand as well as new railway. Give us a try you will not be disapointed.
We build many kinds of dioramas and scratch built buildings. Should you require something differant. If it can be done we will try to do it for you. We also do repaint, renumbering and weathering. We also offer a repair service


http://www.millennium-models.co.uk  (3.3).   The leading retailer of model trains and train memorabilia in the Morley area of Leeds. We offer a huge range model trains and accessories to suit everyone from a newcomer to the most serious of model enthusiast. With a vast knowledge and a passion for trains our friendly staff are here to help. We stock products from the world's most renowned model manufacturers, such as hornby, bachmann and peco.


 www.modelroadsandtramways.co.uk  - Caters for all modellers interested in Blackpool working lights to electronic control systems as installed at London Transport Museum. From railways to the Faller Car System, see a working Faller System with buses and lorries stopping and starting at working traffic lights. We carry a range of Faller bus spares. We will be on hand to discuss any query or question you may have.

Road and Rail Collectables     07763 001243 Model railways and die cast models
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Nick Tozer Books www.railwaybook.com (2.2) Church Street, Paddock, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 4UJ Tel: 01484 518159 - Huge selection of second had books

Demonstrations/ Stands

Bob Dawson 1.2  will be demonstrating model building construction .

Modellers Workshop (Bob and Garath Rowlands) 1.2 We are experienced modellers who show members of the public how to go about a model railway. Our models have been featured on television, in many magazines and at exhibitions all over the country. We show how to solder, paint and weather, kit bash , wire layouts and assemble kits.  On display will be a selection of models we have built  in various scales. We can also show you how to make buildings using digital imaging from photos. Please feel free to ask us any questions about any aspects of model railways and we will try to answer them.

Neil Moxham (1.5) neilmoxham@supanet.com
A display of 2mm scale modelling by members od the Pennine area group of the 2mm scale association.
The group meets on the 2nd Saturday of each month at Keighley MRC clubrooms 14.00 on . Our current project is a model of Lightcliffe station set in the 1930's.
see www.pennine2mm.org.uk/

Historical European Railway Society (3.2). A stand offering a range of publications, DVD's, members second hand items as well as recruitment. DVD's will also be showing examples of available material. Contact Secretary Mike Pringle, Salford, Lancs 01302 729378.
The Society's core period is 1835-1960 for enthusiasts and modellers. Quarterly Journal, Magazine circle, reference material and advise. see http://trc.trains.com/groups.aspx

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