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The 2020 Spring Exhibition will be held at a new venue; Wyke Motive 8;  Huddersfield Road;  Wyke; Bradford BD12 8AA


The 2019 SPRING EXHIBITION was held on 4th 5th May 2019
at Sedbergh Comunity Centre; Huddersfield Road; Odsal; BRADFORD; BD6 1DJ

Layouts invited

Easingwold East – EM Gauge Layout by Alastair Oldfield 8ft by 1ft (6ft by 1ft scenic)
Easingwold East is a fictitious extension to a short branch line that ran between the small market town of Easingwold and the main line of the North Eastern Railway at Alne, 12 miles north of York. The original station at Easingwold was never graced with a name board but the branch extension to a terminus now warrants clear signage. The Easingwold Railway opened in July 1891 and laid its claim to be England’s shortest standard gauge railway. A plausible reason for the modeled extension was the need to transport farm produce and goods between Brandsby, 5 miles east of Easingwold to the North Eastern Railway main line just south of Alne. The popularity of the Easingwold Railway prompted the North Eastern Railway to seek a Light Railway order in 1911 and build a line in competition to the Easingwold Railway. This would be between Brandsy and Haxby, just over 9 miles, but fortunately for Easingwold this was never constructed due to the outbreak of WW1.

Easingwold East

The layout will operate with late BR steam into early Green diesel stock, mainly kit built and RTR converted locos with the rolling stock being predominantly kit built from Slaters or Parkside Dundas kits, using 3 link couplings. The layout utilises Fulgurex electric, slow action point motors, operated using the power from the controller. The layout appeared in the August 2012 edition of Railway Modeller. For more information please visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/easingwoldeast or just search for Easingwold East.

Grange Lane Steve Saxby O gauge 12ft by 2ft
Description; As with all the layouts we have built, Grange Lane’s concept started with the purchase of a particular loco, in this case a Dapol 08. Having previously built small/micro-layouts, the challenge was to see what we could fit into a ‘compact’ O gauge layout. Obviously main line trains are out of the question, so we have come up with the concept of a small yard on the edge of an industrial area, severed by trip freights from the nearby marshaling yard, The track plan is based on the well documented principle of an ‘Inglenook’ but with the addition of a station platform and run-round loop for operation interest. The scene presented is of a yard in the 1970’s that is nearing the end of its useful life, the weeds are taking over, but traffic is still handled for the large engineering works that forms the backdrop. The semi-disused station platform still handles a small amount of smaller consignments from nearby industry, but this too is shortly to disappear and the former through route it sits on has closed beyond the level crossing. The crossing still has to be operational as it is on the end of the platform loop. Trackwork is hand built from C and L components apart from the Peco double-slip in the centre which is a great space saver. The large factory complex along the rear is made from components from the Skytrex range. All locos are DCC sound fitted, and driven by a Merg DCC system. O gauge is receiving much more trade support, but most of the small goods stock are Parkside/Slaters kits, and are heavily weathered to suit their role. Some even have and have real rust! If you have any questions about construction, DCC or Merg,please ask.

Hyde Lane 0 16ft by 2ft Norman and Nick Hughes
Having lived near to Healy mills Yard I have always had the idea of building a diesel depot. The yard and its depot had been closed for quite a while before the demolition team moved in to raise the office buildings and loco shed to the ground. Before it was demolished I managed to get some photos and also some inside shots for the internet. So, when my dad suggested we build a new layout the thought was how about Healy Mills shed albeit a reduced version.
C and L trackwork components are used throughout using nickle silver bullhead rails with 3 bolt chairs. Plastic sleepers were stuck to the baseboard using waterproof PVA. all the crossing "vees" and switch rails are hand filed. Blade stretchers are from the JLTRT range and these look and work very well
Point motors are Tortoise.

Ilkley in T gauge 5ft by 3ft BMRC (see layouts section)

Port William 11ft by 4ft Simon Curran

The idea for Port William came from an article in one of the early editions of Model Rail magazine and the various Scottish Branch layouts detaileds in the modeling press. The use of shorter trains on the Scottish branch lines allows realistic length trains to be used without needing a large layout. The baseboards are constructed from plywood to make them light and easily portable. Track and points are ballasted and weathered Peco code 55 (Universal fine) and the points are operated by SEEP point motors with the auxilary contacts to switch polariy of the point frogs. The layout was originally constructed with two scenic boards but a third one has now been added which now incorporates a scratch build distillery to complete the Scottish theme. Alumiinium ' L' section cassettes are used in the fiddle yard. The majority of the stock is 'ready to run' from either Graham Farish or Peco and has been suitably weathered. The layout is self-supporting and is either 9ft or 12ft x 2ft (depending upon the number of boards used) plus operating space to the rear. Contact Details. Simon Cullen.

Reevy Road 00 20ft by 8ft DCC BMRC (see Layouts Page)

Ripponden 2mm=1ft   6ft 1" by 3ft 4" L shape BR 1950s David Ramsden
Welcome to Ripponden a small town in West Yorkshire. Back in the day it was part of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway branch line serving the mills and local industries of Ripponden and the Ryburn Valley.
When the line was built it was envisaged as a shortcut line between Sowerby Bridge and Littlebourgh and was built double track throughout. Unfortunately it was not completed beyond the terminus at Rishworth.
Eventually due to dwindling traffic it was closed to passengers in 1929 and goods in 1958. The layout imagines the line survived as far as Ripponden untill the Beeching closures.
Freight traffic comprised mainly agricultural and coal when deposites where discovered at Doller. Passenger serviced wher all short tank powered rakes, railmotors and dmus.
Track is code 40 finescale constructed by the owner with points being particularly time consuming. Points are operated by servo motors for smooth and realistic operation. Servos are also used to work the hand built signals.
Please do not miss the oppertunity to view the layout through the see through side panel.

Rose cove 0_16.5 5ft by 2ft Dave Burrows

Watcher Harbour 7ft 6" by 2ft Sue and Richard Andrews
No details

Welney Depot Richard Smith 11ft by 3ft
I have for a while been interested in the class 04 diesel trains used on the Wisbeach and Upwell line and followed an attempt at building one using a Bachmann 04 which sparked the creation of the layout based loosly on an article from Ian Futers "Wisbeach and Upwell what if".
I wanted to try new techniques using dropped baseboard section for a river or canal and static grass now widely available.
The layout is a combination of firsts for me with plywood baseboards, static grass, river/canal and a suberb lazer cut kit from Osborne models and other scenic products.

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