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2018 SPRING EXHIBITION was held on 5th 6th May 2018
at Sedbergh Comunity Centre; Huddersfield Road; Odsal; BRADFORD; BD6 1DJ


A guide can be downloaded from the downloads section here

Layouts invited

Canalside Ironworks 1:50 (David Atkinson) 90 inches (2290mm) by 20 inches (510mm).

Canalside Ironworks is a purely fictious location, supposedly somewhere in deepest Derbyshire but could be from any industrial location in England around the 1920/30s period. The actual layout which is modelled in a rather obscure scale for model railways of 1:50th which equates to 6mm = 1 foot of reality. There are very few commercially produced model railway items available in this scale so virtually everything you see before you has been either kit adapted or scratch-built. The track gauge is 9mm between the rails and the loco motors/chassis are commercial produced ‘N’ mechanisms. This layout has many operating features such as a working incline, water wheel, pumping beam engine, pithead winding gear and a furnace blast engine plus many more. If you have any questions or queries about the modelling techniques used please don’t hesitate to ask as we will be only to willing to answer your queries. Also we have photographs in an album showing the various stages of construction of the layout and the locomotives running upon it, so if you would like to view these please ask and I’ll be only to willing to show you. Canalside ironworks has also been featured in the April 2018 issue of Railway Modeller. If you would like to view photographs of this layout you can type into your internet search engine Canalside-Ironworks and a Facebook page should come if encountering any problems you can type in the full address which is: https://www.facebook.com/Canalside-Ironworks-806090326233570


Ethel Halt 0 (BMRC) see Layouts page

GroBaschson HO Harrogate Club 11ft (3300mm) by 4ft (1200mm) The layout is based on the OBB (Austria) and is set on a mountainous area near Saltsburg close to Germany and features a fictitious station GroBaschson. It was built to run trains through a typical Alpine Austrian scene and is set in the period from the 1960s to the 1980s . The idea came from a visit to Austria and a book called "Die Obb Heute "which was a great inspiration and beautiful scenery. The layout measures 11ft x 3ft 6inches and is a very simple oval track design with some sidings running on DC with the intention to be a DCC layout ultimately as funds allow to chip up and add sound to the locos.

Hollybush (Graham hand) 4ft (1200mm)  by 2ft (600mm) details awaited
Based on the Longmoor military railway featured in Railway Modeller


Low Moor T gauge BMRC member Graham Burnley 5ft 6" (1750mm) by 3ft 6" (950mm)
A T-Gauge layout called Low Moor covers a distance of 1700 by 1250 meters in real life. It was conceived whilst the new Low Moor Railway Station in West Yorkshire was under constructed on site (2016 to 2017) and I thought it could be done in T-gauge. Simple construction of the layout is by using A1 stacked and glued foam sheets as T-Gauge is not heavy. The sheets are profiled to represent different levels of height (22mm in T Gauge = 10 meters). I have used 2mm plastic sheeting to obtain the top surface in which the diorama is placed, all buildings are either made from 3D printing or scratch built whilst most of the vehicles are 3D printed. You can find more details of T-Gauge and my layout by the following website links. http://www.talkingtgauge.net https://www.tgauge.com/

I had not intended this layout to be an exhibited piece and was to be used for home use only, but I was asked to display the layout at BMRC exhibition on the 5th & 6th May 2018. Low Moor layout now is bigger with the arrival of a second section which will house the BASF chemical factory complex and other truck shipping transport agents within the area, but this section is still under construction. Please feel free to contact me on the Talkingtgauge.net forum site or by visiting the Bradford Model Railway Club website.

Mynydd fach (flat mountain) 009 Narrow Gauge (D Burrows)  3ft (900mm) by 2ft (600mm)

A continuous loop 4mm = 1ft Narrow gauge layout running on 009 track.

Republic Steel Z  5ft (1700mm)  by 3ft (900mm) Kevin Smith

Republic Steel' and represents the massive steelworks in Cleveland that stretched along the 'Cuyahoga Flats' on Lake Erie. DCC controlled and featuring 3d printed iron ore hoppers and iron ladle cars. Central to the layout is a blast furnace with its associated high line and a giant rolling mill turning the raw product into strip and slab products. The key point to the layout is that Steelworks look pretty much the same the world over. 'Republic steel' will eventually connect to one of my other layouts “Cuyahoga” to represent an American works but will also feature on the new British layout 'Tapton Junction' as it nears completion.

Reevy Road West N (BMRC) see Layouts page


Thorncliffe 00 dcc (Steve Saxby) 16ft (4800mm) by 6ft (1800mm)

Based in north Sheffield, a variable period between 1988 and 1992. Booked to appear at Sheffield (Birkdale), Warrington, Halifax and Manchester in 2015.


T Potts Brickworks 16mm=1ft (Sue and Richard Andrews)
Back in the 1920’s Timothy Potts took over the family farm, it needed some tlc. Timothy had been away in the war and his father was not a well man, and let the farm fall into decline, now Timothy was back and took over the running of the Farm. The 12-acre field needed drainage work as it was always knee deep in mud. When the work began blue clay was found 3 feet down and the deeper they dug the clay went on. On a visit of one of Timothy’s old Army pals, Timothy explained his problem with the clay, his friend picked up a lump of clay and proceeded to press it in his hands, he turned to Timothy and told him, you have Bricks in your field, and that was the start of the brickworks. Now on the layout, the idea came to me after seeing Tony Hill’s Narrow Gauge Layout at the York Show in 2017. I had built a 16mm layout before but broke it up and sold off the stock and the track as it was too big. At the same show I saw some Slaters16mm Skips for sale, so, I bought two of them, this was the start for a new layout. I had seen a track plan in one of the PECO publications using only one point, the back track comes out of the fiddleyard behind buildings over the point, change point and back to fiddleyard in front of the building, simple. The scale is to 16mm to the Foot, so running on O Gauge track makes this 2ft railway commonly known as SM32. I used PECO ‘O’ Gauge flat bottom track with the sleepers spaced put for the main track. An old copper clad point was stripped down and rebuilt with a wider ‘V’ angle to clear the tin shed. All the Buildings I made myself, using layers of card, The Farm Buildings was clad in air drying clay and scribed, the other Building was clad in Slaters Stone Plastic Sheet with the roof made up of 1-24th scale dolls house tiles. I Built the Loco’s out of plastic card using some small ‘O’ Gauge wheels and axles driven by 50-/cigar and Derin Chain Drive. I also built the other wagons using plastic card and Slaters ‘O’ Gauge Low Mac wheel sets. I have also acquired two Slate wagons and four Skip wagons now. The idea of the setup is, clay comes in from the back in skips over the point and then back under the tin shed which leads to main brickworks (fiddleyard in reality), empty Skips out. The Bricks and Tiles do the reverse out of the tin shed via the fiddleyard and over the point, changes point back to fiddleyard using back road. The loads are taken off the empty wagons and are returned to the front line and back under the shed to the fiddleyard. I hope you enjoy my little layout. Richard Andrews


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