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Railway Correspondance and Travel Soc
Interesting talks approximatly monthly at Saltaire Methodist Church http://www.rcts.org.uk/

A DVD from Vidpics

FryUp - Chris Towers and family)

 A freelance OO9 narrow gauge layout 4mm to foot .(1:76) but with N scale track with excellent scenery.
It comprises a continuous oval with station, goods yard, carriage shed and engine shed.

 It features working colour light signals. working crossing gates and windmill, smoking chimneys; and many more scenic features.

Can you spot the wildlife including Hares, Rabbits, Foxes, Badgers; Stoats, Cats, Dogs, Goats, Ducks, Pheasants, Owl's, Blackbirds and more?

Recent exhibitions include Narrow Gauge North; Pickering, New Mills, Settle, Skipton and Huddersfield.

Construction - Baseboards are timber and have evolved over the years as the layout has grown from an end to end to a full oval..
Scenery is made from polystyrene, filler, bark (for rocks).

Walls are constructed of real slate and local stone painstakingly cut and put together Flowers are made from carefully cut down dried flowers
Track and points are Peco "crazy track" with Bemo point motors.


Length 11ft (3.4m); Depth 2ft (0.6m) +operator space (3ft)  Continuous oval, front view only

Hire this layout for your show.

Needs provision fuel for one car as well as insurance lunch and vast quantities of tea for 2 operators. Accommodation with breakfast required if over 60miles. Requires 2 sockets consumption 200W (mainly lighting). Insurance value £1000 excluding stock
Click HERE to download an double sided printable info sheet

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