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Oxenhope details and pictures
Our award winning layout featured in the December 2008 issue of Hornby magazine

Oxenhope is the terminus station of the now preserved Keighley & Worth Valley Railway. We have tried to base model loosely as it was between 1945 and 1965 which permits the running of both L.M.S. and B.R. stock.
It consists of a single platform with run-round loop and goods facilities. As a point of interest, when the branch was built the structures and track bed were constructed to double track standards to allow an extension via a long tunnel to Hebden Bridge. Of course,  this was never constructed.

Picture courtesy Mike Wild Hornby Magazine

Construction - The scenery is Woodlands Scenic flock on polystyrene sheets laid on 7mm ply baseboards.
Buildings are scratch built complete with lit and furnished interiors. The station and goods shed having working smoke units.
For added interest we have tried to incorporate some period vehicles as well as some local wildlife.

The single fiddle yard can hold up to six full length trains.

Stock belongs to club members and includes Bachman, Tower; Oakville-Anchorage; Connoisseur, DJH, Slater's, and some scratch built/ Electrics-

Conventional "cab" control is used with mostly Peco track and points with slow-motion Tortoise point motors. 


Type = End to End, Station to Right with left hand  fiddle yard.  Front view only.

Size -  Total Length=38ft (11.6m) or 34ft (10.m) with short fiddle yard:
Depth=3ft (0.9m)+operator space (3ft).
Fiddle yard 12Feet (3.6m) although can be reduced to 8ft (2.4m) 

Hire this layout for your show.
Needs provision of a jumbo transit van + fuel for van and 1 car as well as lunch and vast quantities of tea for 4 operators. Accommodation with breakfast required if over 60miles. Requires 2 sockets consumption 400W (mainly lighting). Insurance value £5000 excluding stock
Click HERE to download an  info sheet

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