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Railway Correspondance and Travel Soc
Interesting talks approximatly monthly at Saltaire Methodist Church http://www.rcts.org.uk/

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1 Some details of the secretary/ Webmaster efforts with fitting dcc sound to his fleet
Bachmann OO 3F - Now has sound and DCC concepts head/ tail lamps. I have developed a dislike for 21pin plugs and sockets (bent pins).  The Howes LOKsound 4 decoder and speaker remains in the tender with an additional plug/ socket fitted for the pair of wires to the front light. If I did it again I may move the decoder to the loco as the existing 4 wires between the loco tender would then be sufficient for the tail light/ speaker
Bachmann OO Fairburn - After much struggling including fitting new wires to the Howes LOKsound 4 decoder to save taking up space with joints it now has working  head, tail and firebox lights as well as a 1000uF hold up capacitor in the cab base.
Bachmann 37 with Zimo decoder and separate Head and tail (Tails can be switched off when hauling a train)

Useful data

Loksound 4.0 useful drawiing

BR Lamp codes post 1923

1960 scheme with old letter codes in brackets
1 (A) express passenger, mail or breakdown train en route to a job.
2 (B) Ordinary passenger or a breakdown train not going to clear the line.
3 (C) Parcels, empty coaching stock or Freightliner train.
4 (C) Express freight train, fully fitted.
5 (D) Express freight with at least a third of fitted stock connected to the locomotive.
6 (E) Express freight with no less than 4 fitted vehicles attached to the locomotive.
7 (F) Express freight, ballast or empty train, unfitted
8 (H) Unfitted through freight or mineral train.
9 (J or K) Mineral or stopping goods train
10 (G) Light engine or engines with or without brake vans.

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