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Victoria Road details and Pictures
Our award winning layout featured in the December 2008 issue of Hornby magazine

Bradford Model Railway Club's latest large exhibition layout based on Saltaire station and mill. A winner at the 2008 Workington and Stockport shows as well as appearing in our 2005,6 and 2008 and 2010 shows.

Victoria Rd. is based on a section of the ex Midland line north from Leeds/Bradford heading towards the famous Settle & Carlisle. Many of the buildings and scenery are modelled on those at Saltaire but because of the constraints of size and space we have renamed it after the road which crosses the line between the station and the mill. Many local people will no doubt recognise the features and hopefully get the atmosphere of the area. Buildings to "spot" include Salts mill (Condensed, Titus's mausoleum on the side of Victoria Church, The Staff Canteen and Shipley Salvation Army.
The period modelled was intended to be in the 1940 to 1960's and much of the stock will be run for this time. However it has been know that Victoria Road. can be caught up in a 50 year time warp where the stock can appear from a much later period. A time when passenger trains run without locos, freight trains have all lost their brake vans and railway stations have gone in favour of train stations:- sad isn’t it?

Designed by Chairman Donald Swires and constructed mainly by himself and Former Exhibition manager Keith Fell. Latterly Chris Towers has used his talents to enhance the Scenery.  

Baseboards are 12mm ply on pine frames, scenery mainly Woodland Scenics and trackwork is Peco code 100 Point motors are Seep operated by panel mounted stud and probe.  Control is conventional cab control with a up to 5 controllers. A smoke unit is fitted to the chimney and most of the street lights work.

The 12 road fiddling yard is designed so that different front layouts can be used.
Future proposed works include electrically operated semaphore signals which can be interchanged with colour lights; working traffic lights; building lighting; music from the Salvation army band and possibly making the goods yard switchable to DCC for some sound effect shunting.


Type = Continuous double track with station and small yard, rear multiroad fiddleyard operators in centre. Front view only.

Front 6 4ft by 2ft 6 boards. Fiddle yard 4 boards*4ft by 2ft6" and 1 board 5ft by 2ft 6" with two 18" by 5ft 6" end boards.
Overall size  24ft by 8ft front view only

Hire this layout for your show.
Needs provision of a jumbo transit van + fuel for van and 1 car as well as lunch and vast quantities of tea for 4 operators. Accommodation with breakfast required if over 60miles. Requires 2 sockets consumption 400W (mainly lighting). Insurance value £5000 excluding stock
Click HERE to download a printable info sheet

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